Who are we?

We design and produce of spatial forms of advertising.

We focus on quality and efficiency. We use the highest quality materials. Our principle is to provide the customers with comprehensive assistance for every stage of implementation to meet their expectations.

We are a company which designs and manufactures POS materials. We have creative and experienced professionals team. The company has its own design studio, and an extensive machine park. In production, not only Paper and Cardboard and also we use plastics, composite, wood and metals as raw materials

Our projects

Our work is strategically disciplined, inspired and original, and delivers results.

We’re successful, unique and highly cost effective, Combining the personal appeal of a smaller agency with the expertise and experience of a larger one.

Our services

We handle all the marketing and advertising aspects of a business. This usually includes strategic planning, production, creativity, and innovations as well as interactive marketing.

We work for

We like to work with ambitious start-ups as well as small and medium sized businesses. It doesn’t really matter to us what your product or service is, it’s about you, your mindset and your passion for what you do.