Image creations

A well created logo tells people the name of the company and it creates a visual symbol that represents your business. Some logos have powerful symbolic association connected to people’s memory.

We will carry out the analysis of your company with full commitment, which in turn will allow us to offer you a coherent visualization strategy by creating a unique logo or lifting the existing one and defining full visual identity. We are convinced that making the right decisions in the initial phase will avoid mistakes and significantly reduce costs in the future

Graphic Composition

We are specializing in designing the following materials:

Catalogues, folders, brochures, leaflets, advertising newsletters.

We also prepare other materials for customer orders:

  • advertisements and print ads

  • posters

  • elements of corporate identity (business cards, letterheads, envelopes)

  • etc…

By using the leading technology, having many years of experience, having our own Machine Park and permanent contacts with specialist print shops, we can propose you economical and best quality product solutions.

Advertising OUT/IN

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is designed for open spaces and to promote your business. It is focused to reach the people who are on the road, in public places or specific commercial locations. The advertising is placed at a strategic location to attract the attention of the consumers

Outdoor adverting types can be:

  • billboards

  • banners

  • awnings

  • volumetric letters

  • neon signs

  • road signs

  • posters

  • flag

Indoor Advertising

Indoor advertising represents your messages or services in enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, cafes, restrooms, bus stations, sports clubs, schools and others. It creates an atmosphere in which visitors can easily identify your products and brand. Impress can submit your interior advertising in various forms:

  • branding offices, stands for exhibitions, restaurants and shops

  • canvas print, textile posters and others

POSM Design and Production

POSM – Point of Sale (POS) materials are used for executing advertising campaigns, exhibitions and presentations. As an effective marketing tool, well thought out and properly presented POS materials attract consumer attention and promote the brand. Due to their appealing and informative nature, POS materials are capable of stimulating purchases directly at the point of sale.

Impet studio offers services in design, print and development of a variety of POS materials including the following:

  • wobblers

  • shelf-talkers

  • stoppers

  • price tags

  • packaging

  • promotional stands

  • roll-stands

  • banners

  • hard posters

  • etc…

Promotional gifts zone

Promotional gifts / promotional items could be described as items used for promotional purposes in marketing and marketing communications, and they usually contain the company logo.

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