Event Decorating

Event Decoration is adding beauty and value to the ordinary, putting in creativity to life, with elegance and style with a couple of seasoned professionals which runs through private functions, such as birthday parties, weddings, house warming, e.t.c and also corporate events, such as A.G.M, festive functions, commission of place, inter-house events e.t.c, giving it that extra-ordinary, perfect, unforgettable, mind blowing, life-time talk about glorious day.

Event Organising

  • Creating the event. Determining the time, place, structure, format, cost, etc.. This includes sanctioning the event.

  • Booking the site. Making sure that there will be enough space for the players. Paying for the site if necessary (for larger sized events).

  • Advertising the tournament. Fliers, internet, etc…

  • Recruiting qualified staff. This includes a judge, a computer person, gophers, etc. as necessary. At small events, the TO usually handles all of these responsibilities or assigns an employee to handle one or more of them)

  • Making sure that enough products will be on hand for the tournament. (Sold by your store to participants in limited events)

  • Dealing with any problems on the day of the event (leaky roofs, not enough play space, not enough basic land, computer malfunctions, delays, etc.). Note: Some things will fall under the Head Judge’s department (if you use a DCI Certified Judge), but if it’s outside of game play, it’s the Tournament Organizer’s responsibility.

  • Cleaning up the play area when the tournament is over. (Unless assigned to a store employee)

  • Reporting the results in a timely fashion

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