Digital printing

Digital printing is used successfully whenever:

  • The circulation is low – possible production from one piece, it does not require the costs of plate exposure as in offset printing

  • Time of implementation is important – production can be started immediately after receiving a properly prepared project

  • The project includes personalized data – for each use there is a different text locally, e.g. diplomas, numbered tickets / coupons, etc.

Due to the surface method of covering the material with colour (without staining the internal structure) it is possible to obtain only a matte print surface, also the possibility of folding (bending) the material is limited.

We provide printing services in the following specification:

  • Printing format: up to A3 (+ bleeds);

  • Substrate: paper, self-adhesive paper, synthetic paper dedicated to digital printing

  • Basis weight – standard on stock – 90g, 130g, 170g, 250g

  • Colours 4 + 0, 4 + 4 (full colour, one and two sides)

  • Optional finishing available: laminating, folding, stapling; automatic punching out of holes (for files)

  • The most often implemented products:

    • leaflets

    • posters

    • booklet

    • diplomas (personalized printing)

    • self-adhesive labels

    Offset printing

    Sheet-fed offset printing technology is used for medium and high-volume production of printed materials.

    It is characterized by low production costs at high costs (with the increasing cost, the cost per 1 unit decreases) higher quality than in digital printing, the possibility of using additional colours (beyond the basic CMYK colour palette), a wide range of media for printing, interesting enrichment possibilities surfaces (eg- coating selected areas with UV varnish), etc.

    We offer the following products implemented with offset technology:

    • leaflets

    • company papers

    • posters (to B1)

    • catalos (sewn, glued)

    • business cards

    Large format printing

    Large format printing is carried out on ink plotters using pigmented solvent inks (based on organic solvents), thanks to which the printouts are resistant to external factors (including UV radiation), and the print itself is possible in addition to paper on substrates with PVC content such as:

    • frontlits

    • backlits

    • blockouts

    • self-adhesive foils, including “One Way Vision” foils for websites

    • Meshes (MESH)

    Available print resolutions: 360, 540, 720, 1440 dpi.

    Plotter cutting

    The self-adhesive foil in the selected colour, cut out on the contour, with the possibility of applying to various surfaces is a classic way to create a clear, interesting form of advertising.

    Depending on the type of film, we can offer economical solutions with basic durability of approx. 2-3 years, and more expensive with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5,6,7 and 8 years.

    Optional: cut out previously printed self-adhesive films on solvent plotters.

    We work on Oracle films (full, translucent, transparent) cut out film from rolls up to 0.6 m wide.

    Sign boards, Boards, Sites

    In everyday work, we use a variety of materials ideal for advertising:

    • Composite panels (deboned), aluminium

    • Acrylic plates (Plexiglas)

    • PVC panels

    • Polycarbonate and tubular polypropylene

    • Styrodur (extruded polystyrene)

    • Furniture boards

    The substrate, depending on the needs and technological possibilities, can be additionally machined, bonded to another, refined: milled, thermally cut, bent, glued, painted.

    On the substrates we make an application of printed, cut-out foils, spatial letters.

    Vehicle wrapping

    We fulfil orders for car fleet wrapping in company colours.

    We work with passenger cars, vans and special vehicles.

    We apply foil both cut out on cutting plotters as well as a printed solvent.

    Available foil types:

    • Poured (dedicated to deep ribbing)

    • Polymer (for flat surfaces and light embossing)

    • OWV (for windows, foil printed)

    The printed surface of the foil is protected with a solid laminate or in the case of OWV foil, the so-called laminate, Liquid.

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